Friday, 2 August 2013


I realize I'm quite late to this, but I've recently discovered the joys of tumblr, so I've decided to shift things to there. This will be my last post here.

If you wish to continue following my progress, you can find me here:

I'll also most likely be transferring my old posts to the new page as well, so forgive the repeats.

I hope to see you all there :)

Saturday, 6 July 2013

New book

I have finished writing up the stories I researched. It took a little longer than I thought, but I've done it, and the book itself should be published within the next week or so.

I'm far from done researching though. Once I have the book done, I'll be away for a while. I received a letter a few days ago about a strange little village and a house in the forest. A house where some odd things have been happening for a long time now. This could be an important lead, or it could be nothing, but I think it's worth investigating.

Clues may be scarce at the moment, but rest assured, I'm doing the best I can.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


I promised I wasn't going to try and pursue the Uncle Sonny lead from the previous case. It was entirely unintentional, but it seems I've stumbled across him again, this time even further south of the border. It seems a woman in a place in the south of England that she would prefer if I didn't mention has had some experience with him. I can't say a lot more or I'll ruin the story.

She was, however, very helpful in giving me a few pieces of advice if I'm going to pursue this entity or the symbol any further, and it seem the two are closely intertwined. It is a creature that operates and relies on two things: insecurity and belief. This only matters if you have been chosen as a host, but it's useful to know these things, just in case. With matters like this, knowledge is a better weapon than any sword.

I will be keeping a closer eye on Uncle Sonny during my research, but other than that, this will be a short update. I'll keep you informed of anything else significant I stumble across.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Stafford boy

My time in that little village I mentioned has been and gone, and I'm not entirely certain how to feel about my visit.

The case concerns a boy called Thomas Stafford and the crimes he is connected with. I believe he may be the key I was looking for in this mystery, though there are still plenty of questions and not a lot of certainty to be had. As odd as the case is, it's mostly his word against the word of "reason".

Sadly, I was unable to speak to the boy, as he had made a miraculous escape on the way to the mental institution he was supposedly transferred to. I was, however, able to glean a few details from the locals, though very little from his parents who were tired already of speaking about their son. I was even able to get a few photographs of the boy, one of which highlighted something vital to his story.

A symbol, one that I recognized well by now, was carved into his shoulder. It was said that this symbol was supposed to be a mark of the pact he made with a demon, "Uncle Sonny". I highly doubt that's the demon's true name, but it's a start. Perhaps if I can track this "Uncle Sonny", I can track the source of this symbol and the significance of it. I would not be surprised if there was demonic influence in the more occult explanations for these stories.

For now, I'll continue my search for other stories of this symbol, in the hopes of finding more clues. I don't want to follow "Uncle Sonny" until I'm sure that route is a strong enough lead.

I'll be sure to post here once I've found another story. Until then, I'll keep searching.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


As promised, I have returned and given word that I've done so. My trip was odd. Very odd.

It was a few days before I got the real story from Yuna. The previous few days were spent listening to another three version of this story, though from her attitude as she told them, I didn't believe they were really what I was summoned for. Naturally, my disbelief upset her, but I was patient with her anger, and returned each day until finally, on the fourth day, I got the real story.

It was strange to look at her as she spoke. Her face...there wasn't the same trace of malice and derision in her expressions. She just looked sad. In that instant I knew I was talking to the sad little girl who missed how things were before. I couldn't help but feel a touch of sympathy for her, in spite of everything I knew of her.

When her story was over, she spent a few moments composing herself before her cruelty returned to her. I can't tell you if it was a separate personality, a mood swing or a mask of a child who had just shown her heart to a stranger and wanted to pretend it never happened. Either way, I spent the rest of my time there refusing her advances and resisting her taunts.

However, two other advantages to my visit came about. The first was Yuna's collection of books. She allowed me to borrow a few books that made reference to the symbol. I have a feeling if I can track the owners of these books far enough, I'll be able to uncover more about this symbol and perhaps get some answers about what it is and where it originated from.

The second was a couple of days after my last talk with Yuna. A private detective, who had seen me entering and leaving her house, approached me about the issue. It seems he had a less favourable encounter with her not so long ago. I'll be sharing the details of this misadventure with you with the rest of the collection. He was able to point me in the direction of a little town just south of the Scottish borders, where apparently I'll stumble across something interesting. He's also promised to help me look into the history of the books Yuna lent to me.

It seems I'm not the only one who's curious.

I'll be heading south of the border in a few weeks. First I wish to recover from my last trip, gather my thoughts clearer, and perhaps begin writing the first story I've found for my collection.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year, New Stories

I got the oddest present for New Years.

The envelope arrived this morning. I didn't recognize the handwriting, but once I opened it, I knew who it was. Inside was a pair of plane tickets, one for the journey across and the journey back, and a note. "Happy New Year, darling. I've got a present for you."

The only person who has called me darling that would be sending me plane tickets is 'Yuna'. Now, for those who recognize that name, you may think me foolish to take an invitation to her home. I'll admit, I'm quite concerned that it could be a trap. However, while she was rather forward with me during my last conversation with her, another note in the envelope, folded into a neat square, has piqued my interest too much to allow me to account so much for risks.

It read as follows:

"If I am as I was last we spoke, be patient with me. If I threaten you or make you feel uncomfortable, remain calm. I have a story to tell, and I will force myself to soften if it means I can finally remember it the way I'm supposed to."

I can't resist the pull of a story. I'm sorry if I come across as a fool, but I will not deny that I am foolish.

I'll be leaving in a few days for the trip, and I'll most likely book a hotel for my stay at least. If you do not hear from me by the end of this month, then curiousity has killed the cat and I'll unfortunately be unable to share whatever story she had for me.

Until next time, my friends, or not at all.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Price slashing

I've decided, since people seem unwilling to buy my e-book at its current price, that I'm lowering the price to £1/$1.50. As such, I'm re-posting the links to the e-book here.

UK purchase

US purchase

I would really appreciate hearing your opinions on the stories, from a purely story stand point.